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Overseas Pharmacy Career

Pharmacist Jobs and Career in United Kingdom

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain’s Adjudicating Committee considers applications for registration from overseas pharmacists.

Pharmacists from EEA, Northern Ireland, New Zealand or Australia are covered by mutual recognition policy.

To be eligible to apply to the Committee you must have completed a pharmacy course that is comparable to those in the United Kingdom and must be registered or eligible to register as a pharmacist overseas.

The Committee will consider your  application and may determine that you are not eligible for registration through the Adjudicating Committee procedures.

There are a number of stages in the application procedure.

The first stage involves preliminary consideration of the documents.

Following preliminary consideration of your documentation:
(i) (a) you may be given the standard Adjudicating Committee requirements for registration which are: to pass all 7 Overseas Pharmacists (OSP) Examinations; to complete 12 months Pre-Registration Training (pre-registration training or internship); and to pass the Society’s registration examination.

Graduates of Canadian universities who are registered in Canada and any overseas pharmacists who have subsequently registered in Australia through the Australian Pharmacy Examining Council Inc (APEC) or in New Zealand through its adjudicating procedures may be given reduced requirements for registration.

(i) (b) you will be required to attend for a formal interview before the Committee.


If an overseas pharmacist wishes to work as a pharmacist in the UK they may take what is called an OSPAP (Overseas Pharmacist Assessment  Programme) qualification at one of four UK universities. They are  Robert Gordon University (Scotland), Aston, Brighton, and Sunderland universities in England.

(This para is not valid anymore: (ii) Following interview, if this is required, the Committee decides which route to registration is most suitable for you based on your application as a whole and in particular your performance at interview. You: may be rejected from the Adjudicating Committee procedures and required to complete a 4 year U. K. pharmacy degree course, 12 months pre-registration training and the registration examination to register as a pharmacist in Great Britain; i.e. the standard U.K. requirements for registration; may be required to attend a one year full-time pharmacy course at Sunderland University; will be required to pass all or some of the 7 Overseas Pharmacists (OSP) examinations; will be required to complete a period of 12 months Pre-Registration Training (pre-registration training / internship) and will be required to pass the Society’s registration examination. )

The Committee meets every 1-2 months and always in January/February, June/July and August/September each year.

In the following pages, you will find brief information useful to overseas pharmacists that want to work in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

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Information for overseas pharmacists

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