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Overseas Pharmacist Career Guide

About eBooks

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about eBooks and answers to those questions.

What is an eBook?
An eBook, or electronic book, is a book that you can read on a computer screen. It is basically a software. If you can use this webpage, then you can use the eBook.

Why do I need special software to read eBooks?
If you want to read a word document and spreadsheet you need software like Word and Excel. Similarly, Acrobat Reader, the eBook software, allows you to read eBooks easily and comfortably. Adjusting the font, turning the pages, and searching are easy with Acrobat reader.

Do I have to pay shipping and handling charges for eBooks?
You do not have to pay shipping and handling charges for eBook. We send you a download link and your Registration Code by email. So, you need not pay any shipping and handling charges.

Can I print my eBook?
Yes. As the book contains hundreds of pages it will be very expensive for you to print. So, we suggest that you take print out of only the pages you need.

Won't eBooks strain my eyes to read on the screen?
We use industry standard tools to create eBooks. This means you are experiencing the most advanced technology in the world. This ensures pleasant reading experience.

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Will there be a paper edition in future?
No. Your only option will be the eBook. So, do not wait for paper edition.

What is the return policy for eBooks?
Because of the nature of the product, eBook are no returnable. So, please read the table of contents and then place your order.

What if I have trouble downloading an eBook or a reader?
If you have trouble downloading an eBook or a reader, the reason will be the internet connection. Try after a few minutes or hours.

What is Acrobat reader, and where can I get one?
Acrobat reader is the software that must be installed on the computer to which you download your eBook in order to read it. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free. Most of the computers already have this software. If you do not have it, you can get it free of cost from

Are Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader the same?
No. Adobe Acrobat is an eBook development software and you have to buy it. You do not need this software to read the Guide. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free.

What is the difference between eBook Reader and Acrobat Reader?
Books bought from companies like Amazon and Barnes and Noble must be read with eBook Reader. The security features are in fact a bundle of inconveniences to you. On the other hand, The Guide uses Adobe Acrobat Reader and that gives you the most pleasant reading experience.

Can I read the eBook on my Non-Windows computer?
If you are using computer that has Non-Windows operating system like UNIX, Linux or other, you can read the Guide without problem.
After you place orders, please send us mail. We will send you the correct version. (The automated system will send you Windows version by default.)

Do I need to activate or certify my reader?
No. It is the usual procedure when you buy books from companies like It is not required when you buy from us. All you need are the Registration Code and Download link that we will send to you by email.

How do I order an eBook?
It's easy. You can purchase an eBook by placing your order through our safe SwReg order page or by sending Bank Cheque to SwReg. When you buy The Guide, an email containing a link to your eBook will be sent to the email address you give. Simply click that link, and the eBook will be downloaded and you can start reading it. The entire process will take only a few minutes.

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Your Complete Guide to Overseas Pharmacy Career
is a downloadable eBook. It is not a paper book.


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Whether it is career progress, life style or prosperity that you seek as an overseas professional, this career eBook will help you with all information you ought to know.
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