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Overseas Pharmacist Career Guide

Delivery Method

Here are some useful bits of information about how the guide is delivered to our customers.

The guide (eBook) is not available in ordinary paper format. So, there is no physical shipment.

The guide (eBook) will be delivered as a downloadable eBook. After the downloading the eBook, there is no need to be connected to the Internet. The eBook will reside in your computer.

Once you've placed an order for the eBook, you are ready to download it. Within a few minutes of successful processing of your order, you will receive an email message containing a link, registration code (or serial number) and detailed instructions.

Click the link in the email to download the guide you purchased.

Once you click the download link, you will be downloading the guide. You will be given the choice of opening this file from its current location or saving it to disk.

Save the file to your hard disk. Make note of the name of the file and the directory to which you are downloading this file. It is a good idea to download to your desktop.

If you are not certain where you saved this application, you will need to search your hard disk. Check your desktop first, as this is the default location to which most browsers save files.

If the download process is interrupted for some reason, try after a few minutes.

Sometimes, free email service providers like hotmail may not allow you to download by clicking from their email. If your email software does not read hyperlinks, copy and paste the download link in your browser address box and press Enter. Or, you can type the link EXACTLY in the address box of browser and press Enter key.

Your download link will be valid for 3 days from the date of purchase. The link will not work after 3 days or after you have successfully downloaded the eBook or if you have clicked on the link 9 times.

If you have not downloaded within that time, please send us an email. We will send you a new download link.


Customer Support

Looking for a bright, prosperous overseas career but don't know where, when and how to begin?
How to go to and work in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand?
Whether it is career progress, life style or prosperity that you seek as an overseas professional, this career eBook will help you with all information you ought to know.
Save hundreds of hours of work in search and research in collecting every bit of information you will ever need.



You can buy the guide with a credit card, PayPal or Western Union payment. You can even pay by bank draft and bank transfer. Click to know how to buy.


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