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Overseas Pharmacist Career Guide

How to Install

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about installation of the guide and answers to those questions.

How do I install the eBook?
Once you've purchased and downloaded your eBook, you're ready to install it on your computer. First make sure that you meet the system requirements and that you have downloaded the eBook fully. Now double click the saved file. This will begin the installation process. All necessary information will be displayed on the computer screen. You need your registration key (also known as registration code or serial number)  to install successfully. After installation, do not forget to read the ReadMe.txt file.

What is a Registration Code?
When you buy the eBook, you will be given a unique Registration Code consisting of many numbers and/or alphabets. You need this number to install the eBook. This Registration Code is required to get any future special offers and free technical support. Serial number, serial code, registration code and registration number mean one and the same.

Can I give my serial number (Registration Code) to others?
It is just like giving your credit card number to others! As future special and free offers will be based on the serial number, others may misuse the number and enjoy the future benefits to which you are eligible. So, you have to keep your number private.

I have lost your serial number. Can I get the number again?
Yes. Send your purchase details by an email and we will send your serial number. If you do not have purchase details, send us whatever details you can give and we will do the needful.

Why some or most of the pages are blank?
Make sure that you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or above. If you are using older version, you can get the latest version from It's free. After installing Acrobat Reader and the eBook, reboot the computer. If this does not solve your problem, try the solution given to the next question.

I have other problems. What to do?
Open Acrobat Reader. See whether you are able to read any other PDF file (not the guide) without problem. If this is OK, then from Acrobat Reader,
Click File>Open
Locate the guide installation folder in Program Files. In that Folder find the files with the extension .pdf. Double Click on the PDF file. Now, the eBook should open and work.

Where can I get further help?
Please send an email to service @ We will respond within 24 hours. Let us know step by step what you have done and what messages you get. Also tell us about your system. Please mention (1) The name of the guide (2) Your order number that starts with RE (3) Acrobat Reader version and (4) the name of the operating system.

I have Non-Windows machine such as Unix or Mac. Can I install the eBook on my system?
All Windows machine will smoothly install the eBook. If you have other systems like Apple or Linux, please let us know. We will guide you suitably and send files that are compatible with Mac and Unix.


Customer Support

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