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  Many Dentists, Dental Students and Dental Professionals in India have expressed difficulty in buying the Guide as they do not have international credit cards.  We have made a special arrangement for them. Now you can order the Guide in Indian Rupees by sending a demand draft or  Money Order  to our official and authorized  agent in India. If you have any questions, please send an email to service @ overseascareer.com  or call 0-9487 666 222

Please  take a print out of this order form and send it to our agent with payment by registered post or courier. If you do not have a printer, write down the following information on a paper. We will process your order and send the download link by email within 3 days. As soon as  you place your order, send an email to:  service @ overseascareer.com


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Product Your Complete Guide to Overseas Pharmacy Career
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